Concrete vs Wood: Why Wood is Outclassed

Concrete vs Wood: Why Wood is Outclassed

Mar 29 2017

When it comes to construction, contractors and builders want the best of the best. They want a cost-efficient, easy-to-use resource that's going to prove to be sturdy and last for a long time. It's no surprise then that in 2011, the cement market worldwide was sized at around 237 billion dollars. Below is a list of why concrete works better than wood when it comes to construction.

  • Environmentally-Friendly

    When comparing the two, concrete construction is far more friendly towards the environment. A lot of waste that would normally be allowed to sit in landfills or clog up the ocean is able to be used in cement kilns and added to mixes. Concrete, itself, is recyclable, making it a good choice for a longer lasting future. Even now, industries are continuing to research ways to reduce damage caused to the environment. Using wood requires the destruction of trees. And while wood can be recycled too, it is only to a point. Eventually, the structural integrity of the wood will begin to decrease, while concrete is not as affected when used for the same types of projects.

  • Safety

    Concrete is an incredibly strong material. Similar to stone, it doesn't burn the way wood does, leaving it less likely to fall victim to fires. Concrete has proven to hold up better against severe weather conditions and even earthquakes much more efficiently than the alternative. Concrete is also designed with the express purpose of getting stronger with time. It's not at risk for rot and termites and holds up against erosion.

  • Money Saving

    The use of concrete can yield a highly efficient, energy-saving building. It can reduce heating and cooling energy requirements by up to 29%. When compared to a wood building, concrete construction has been shown to have a 20% to 25% difference in terms of energy savings. And with research constantly ongoing in the world of cement, these savings are only expected to go up as more people research concrete's natural thermal mass.

When placed side by side, there is almost no comparison. Concrete work outclasses wood in almost every way imaginable. Its benefits far exceed that of other, traditional forms of construction. When considering building any type of structure, concrete is always the way to go.

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